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The Visa Game

When you make the decision to pack your bags and work overseas you will inevitably be playing the Visa Game. Applications. Fees. Processing time. Licenses. Photocopies… lots of photocopies. So before you set your heart on working in a specific country, do a little research first about how easy it is to get a visa. Please note that I have only included information for countries that are in the Mutual Recognition Agreement.


  • Australia has a great resource called the Visa Wizard. It’s a self guiding questionnaire so that all you have to do is fill in information about yourself and it will give you an idea of what Visa options are available.
  • To work in the USA you might want to read a site that provides information on all visas like or H1 Base.
  • The best site that I have found for New Zealand is the Immigration site. Once again you might have to click what option you are wanting and you will find information and requirements.
  • To work in the UK can be a little different depending on whether you are a European national, or a member of the Commonwealth with UK ancestry. This site from the Home Office provides great information about all the different classes of visas.
  • If you wanted to work in Canada you might find some great information from the Canada Visa site and the Citizen and Immigration site.
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland lists information for various types of visas.

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