Mini Social Book: When I Can’t Control Myself *Freebie*

My lastest mini social book targets those students who have difficulties controlling their emotions and behaviors. I have been working with several intermediate students in recent weeks who have difficulties managing their emotions in a grade appropriate way, and this mini social book helped us to think about others and what they could do to calm down.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.32.48 AM

Free Download from my TPT Store

This book  contains four small pages (which fit on a normal sheet of paper). For durability, just cut out, laminate and secure with a single binding ring. It addresses the following information:

When I can’t control myself, what does it look like? How does it make people feel? Different ways I can feel and how can I calm myself?


This is a book for the entire ‘team’.

SLPs should have the book as a therapy teaching tool.

Teachers and other people who work with the person can use this to support the skill in the school environment.

Families can use this as a reference at home.

…..and whoever the mini social book is intended for can refer to it in whatever environment they are in. The book is intended to be small for portability and discrete viewing!


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