About Me

My name is Rebecca Reinking (Visintin) and I am a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).

I am an Australian who has studied in the UK, worked in the Aussie outback, treasured islands of Samoa, diverse school systems in the United States and now private practice in Newcastle, Australia.

I really LOVE getting emails from people but…..

  • I’m not a visa expert (there’s too much red tape)
  • I don’t know employment agencies around the world (so I can’t recommend a place to hire you)
  • I am not part of a college/university institution (so I don’t know anything about grad school and what subjects to study or which country to study in)
  • I don’t know where else you can volunteer (other than the places listed on my site)

I really hate replying Sorry, I don’t know. I’m just an SLP who traveled a little bit and wrote about her experiences’, so anything other than the visas, employment, grad programs questions would be warmly received adventuresinspeechpathology@gmail.com





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