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Data Collection for Therapy *Freebie*

I am a serial data collection template gatherer and I find that I always need a different sheet to suit the various positions SLP positions that I have held. It wasn’t until I read about the Crazy Speech World post on data collection (where bloggers have shared their forms too – must read) that I… Continue reading Data Collection for Therapy *Freebie*

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Visual Resources for Teaching Articulation

 Just as every child learns differently, so to do I believe that they learn articulation sounds differently. You might have a phrase that just clicks with some students, be able to add a little gesture and it works, or teach a concept with manipulatives that the student just gets. I am a very visual learner… Continue reading Visual Resources for Teaching Articulation

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Speech Therapy Goal Sheets for Teachers *Freebie*

I have a dream that one day every teacher will know the difference between ‘speech’ and ‘language’….Until then, I have these handy introductory communication sheets specifically for teachers to get to know their new IEP students! These FREE simple 1 page handouts focus on the following areas: speech, language, voice, stuttering and social skills.It’s a … Continue reading Speech Therapy Goal Sheets for Teachers *Freebie*

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Speech Sound Reminders *Freebie*

I am constantly trying to find simple, easy ways for teachers and parents to become more involved in the therapy progress so that their child’s speech is generalizing to environments outside of my room! Today I have made these simple speech sound reminders so that I can quickly and efficiently communicate what sound the child… Continue reading Speech Sound Reminders *Freebie*