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Best Free Online Communication Screening Tools

There are so many free online assessments, screeners and checklists out there to support your evaluation that I thought I would share my two favourite. Both of these tools can provide an extensive amount of information and are a great additional resource to your collections. Communication Matrix The Communication Matrix is an assessment tool designed… Continue reading Best Free Online Communication Screening Tools

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Preposition Checklist *Freebie*

I work with following directions and understanding concepts with many of my preschool and kindergarten populations. Prepositions are great to target for both receptive and expressive goals as they are consistently used throughout the day. This prepositions checklist with both receptive and expressive applications is super handy to whip out. Use the receptive list to… Continue reading Preposition Checklist *Freebie*

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Oromotor Screener *Freebie*

Difficulty in using the tongue, lips and jaw can be an indication of impaired oromotor functioning (sometimes known as ‘oral-motor’). Oromotor skills can often be overlooked during an articulation assessment, yet it really gives an essential look at the functioning of a child’s ability to produce speech sounds. It wasn’t until I really understood how… Continue reading Oromotor Screener *Freebie*

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Pronoun Development Chart *Freebie*

If you are like me and need a little chart for classifying pronouns and understanding which order children usually develop them, then this handy bookmark is for you! You will find the type of pronoun (e.g. possessive, demonstrative, objective etc.) and then specific pronouns within each classification (e.g. mine/ours are possessive pronouns). Free Download from… Continue reading Pronoun Development Chart *Freebie*