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Best Free Narrative Screening Tools & Assessments

I have worked in some unique places in my career and most of them had one thing in common: limited resources. When I lived in Samoa I didn’t even HAVE assessments! So this is my collection of free and favourite narrative assessments which you can find online. Even if you are in a well stocked… Continue reading Best Free Narrative Screening Tools & Assessments

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Best Free Online Communication Screening Tools

There are so many free online assessments, screeners and checklists out there to support your evaluation that I thought I would share my two favourite. Both of these tools can provide an extensive amount of information and are a great additional resource to your collections. Communication Matrix The Communication Matrix is an assessment tool designed… Continue reading Best Free Online Communication Screening Tools

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Visual Resources for Teaching Articulation

┬áJust as every child learns differently, so to do I believe that they learn articulation sounds differently. You might have a phrase that just clicks with some students, be able to add a little gesture and it works, or teach a concept with manipulatives that the student just gets. I am a very visual learner… Continue reading Visual Resources for Teaching Articulation