Verbal Prompts for Stuttering *Freebie*

I have recently started seeing a lot of preschool aged children who stutter and have been turning to the Lidcombe Program to guide my therapy. *NOTE: You can download the manual for the Lidcombe Program for FREE! Here is the 2010 manual: Lidcombe Program The Lidcombe Program is a behavioral therapy program for children who stutter. An essential component… Continue reading Verbal Prompts for Stuttering *Freebie*

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Speech Therapy Goal Sheets for Teachers *Freebie*

I have a dream that one day every teacher will know the difference between ‘speech’ and ‘language’….Until then, I have these handy introductory communication sheets specifically for teachers to get to know their new IEP students! These FREE simple 1 page handouts focus on the following areas: speech, language, voice, stuttering and social skills.It’s a … Continue reading Speech Therapy Goal Sheets for Teachers *Freebie*