Verbal Prompts for Stuttering *Freebie*

I have recently started seeing a lot of preschool aged children who stutter and have been turning to the Lidcombe Program to guide my therapy. *NOTE: You can download the manual for the Lidcombe Program for FREE! Here is the 2010 manual: Lidcombe Program The Lidcombe Program is a behavioral therapy program for children who stutter. An essential component… Continue reading Verbal Prompts for Stuttering *Freebie*

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Visual Resources for Teaching Articulation

 Just as every child learns differently, so to do I believe that they learn articulation sounds differently. You might have a phrase that just clicks with some students, be able to add a little gesture and it works, or teach a concept with manipulatives that the student just gets. I am a very visual learner… Continue reading Visual Resources for Teaching Articulation