Programs & Organisations

  • With 14 countries in Asia and the Pacific, the Australian Government initiative called Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program has great opportunities for SLPs with wanderlust! Create an SLP assignment alert and get ready to make a difference as part of Australia’s aid program.
  • Projects Abroad have made it easier to find out if there are any SLP ventures for you. This program is self-funded by the volunteers, so save some money. Internships as they are called are available in Ghana, Morocco, Tanzania, Vietnam and Togo.
  •  VSO is an independent international development organisation. They work to make significant contributions in the most disadvantaged countries and where it is safe for them to have programmes. VSO have placements in over 30 countries worldwide.

  • International Speech Project- Stuttering – The vision to bring services to people who stutter in the developing world invites volunteers to contact them.
  • United Planet offers international volunteer abroad opportunities in 35 countries, immersing you in local culture as you do your part to create a global community.
  • The Trinh Foundation is a voluntary non-profit organisation with long-term objectives of promoting Speech Therapy in Vietnam. They have aim to provide clinical skills, curriculum development and financial support to develop the postgraduate Diploma course into a fulltime undergraduate Degree course in Ho Chi Minh City. Look on their website for opportunities.
  • The Centre for the Rehabilitation for the Paralysed (CRP) in Bangladesh have many skilled allied health professionals volunteer at their centres. They categorise volunteers as short-term or long-term. The site has a lot of information on accommodation, visas etc. and a list of guidelines.
  • Visit the Kenyan based Yellow House Children’s Services site for information on working in four different sites in Kenya. Yellow House aims to promote the speech therapy profession in East Africa as well as support local communities through education and clinical services.




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