So You Think You Can Articulate?

As SLPs, we can do amazing things with our articulators. We can trill, make glottal stops, tap, flap and even some of us can make some non-pulmonic clicks. I thought that there was no word, and no sound left unpronounceable until I went to Samoa and came across a word that contained 7 consecutive vowels. I should have known that this was no ordinary language when my school had the word ‘fiamalamalama’ in it. Now that’s a lot of lama’s. Samoan is an interesting language that consists of syllables in a CV or VV form. Or in the case of fa’aaeaeina CVVVVVVVCV. Coming across this waterfall (below) and being able to pronounce ‘Papapapaitai’ quick and efficiently made me feel like I could handle any Samoan word!

Try saying this waterfall in under 3 seconds!

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