Work Abroad

Working abroad seems to be a happy medium for most people. You are still in your comfort zone, yet living in another country. If you are fluent in English and possess a professional acronym like SLP, SLT or  SP,  just how easy is it to pack your bags for overseas and work there?


Just like (ice) fishing, working as an SLP in another country can be
a little different than what you are used to!

2 thoughts on “Work Abroad

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I was wondering if you had any advice for (Canadian) SLPA’s/CDA’s who are interested in travelling. I have looked into this a little and found jobs tricky to come by. In the U.S many seem to look for licenses from the State and do not generally supply a working VISA (or that’s what I’ve heard) for assistants and I haven’t came across assistant jobs overseas. Any advice? or where to look?


    1. Hi,
      I am not sure if SLPA’s are in other countries! I have never heard of them in Australia, and working in the US I know many school districts in my state have cut the position all together. If you look under the mutual recognition agreement of countries that will let overseas SLPs work there, there is no mention of recognizing assistants. I’m afraid I can’t be much help, but keep searching.
      Best of luck though,

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