OMG! Acronyms in the USA

Visit WA, USA and check this out ASAP!

I have learnt that American’s love to use acronyms. And I’m not just talking about ‘omg’, ‘bff’ and ‘lol’. I have discovered that anywhere you have a whole bunch of people and laws (like in a school district), the use of acronyms seems to triple. If someone asked me how my first meeting on my first day of school went, I would say

“I have an IDEA, why don’t you, me and 504 other people get together, hire a FERPA and go HIPAA spotting in Africa? I’ve heard that we may encounter some ESYs, so you bring the IEPs, I’ll find some SDIs, and don’t forget the RTI spray”. 

Because that is how much I understood!

When you work abroad, you don’t realise how much you have to relearn. Your acronyms are different to their acronyms so there is a lot of semantic linking going on!


One thought on “OMG! Acronyms in the USA

  1. Love your picture of the space needle! One of the problems with acronyms is that they’re different everywhere you go, too! Graduate school, my former district, and my current district all used different acronyms for the same things! Just switching jobs makes me feel dumb.

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